July 19, 2024



Linden ambulance driver arrested following robbery

An ambulance driver attached to the Linden Hospital Complex, is now under police guard nursing a gun shot wound to his upper left thigh, after he was allegedly involved in a robbery at Fair’s Rust, South Mackenzie.

Info 10 understands that the robbery occurred sometime around 02:00 hrs. on a 48 year- old labourer and a 21-year-old male at their residence. According to a police release, the duo was asleep when the younger guy heard knocking sounds on the door. He was then confronted by two suspects; one held him at gun point, while the other was armed with a crow bar.
They then proceeded to execute the robbery and carted off $114 000 in cash and two cell phones.
After securing the items, they took the victims outside and the suspect with the gun, discharged a round in the air before making good their escape.
Minutes later, an individual fitting the description of one of the suspects, turned up at the Linden Hospital Complex with a gunshot wound to his upper thigh. He was identified as an ambulance driver. Police recovered a hand gun and two live rounds at his residence. They also discovered a 9mm spent shell and one war head at the scene of the robbery. Commander of Region Ten Hugh Winter, said no other arrest was made and investigations are ongoing.