January 30, 2023



Kwakwani waterfront residents thirsting for potable water

The disjointed pipe residents are presently accessing water from

It has been over two decades that calls made by residents of the Kwakwani waterfront area for the provision of potable water, have fallen on deaf ears.

Residents continue to suffer and their standard of living stagnated because potable water is inaccessible. Potable water is  a basic necessity that every citizen of Guyana deserves. 

Presently, the residents residing in the vicinity of Edward’s crossing, access water from a    disjointed pipe attached to the main along the roadway. Left with no choice, they use this for consumption and this has caused numerous waterborne disease outbreaks in the area. Many of the homes have children residing in them. The residents claim that they have now met their breaking point  and are pleading with the relevant authorities to assist them.

 Erica Gonsalves, a mother of five children said, “please help us, for years we are going through this, even if we have to purchase the pipelines, we will do it, we urgently need water here.”

   Following the residents’ recent plea, the General Manager of Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (K.U.I), Mr. Leslie Sobers Jr.,  said that management is working expeditiously to provide  potable water to the area, which will not only increase the quality, but the quantity. He explained that the Kwakwani Water Treatment Plant was designed to benefit a once small community.

The most recent survey shows that Kwakwani now has over 4,770 residents. 

Sobers also related that another challenge KUI faces in delivering reliable water supply to the people, is that almost three dozen water pumps are connected to the main pipeline located in the area that is receiving potable water. 

 “A survey has shown the Kwakwani waterfront has a minimum of 20 water pumps. A major contribution to the inadequate supply of water is water-pumps, residents for the past several months we’ve asked to disconnect their pumps from the main pipelines and they have failed to adhere,” Mr.Sobers stated.

He is pleading with the residents to disconnect the pumps so that all of Kwakwani can benefit adequately from water supply.