January 31, 2023



Retrieve unveils modern welcome sign

Regional Chairman Deron Adams poses with members of the Retrieve Massive Group

The Mackenzie community of Retrieve, on Sunday commissioned its welcome sign during a simple ceremony where residents and regional officials were present. The Self-Help project was conducted under the theme, ‘building unity and cooperation,’ by the Retrieve Massive Group. The Community Development Council and the residents pooled their resources to fund the project.

In his feature address, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, who also is a resident of Retrieve, said he is blessed to call Retrieve his home. Describing Sunday’s activity as simple but significant, Adams said that the Welcome Sign is a reflection of who we were and are – a close family, and community of hospitable people. “This sign pays homage to the history of Retrieve, while it captures our legacy and heritage, it also defines who we are today, a community of strong families; a community that nurtures a sustainable future of leaders in every front; academics, athletes, religion, volunteers, engineers, peace officers, teachers, local and regional politicians and we may go on,” the Chairman said.

Adams urged the residents to pay homage to their ancestors and foreparents who paved the way for them  and inculcated in them qualities such as love and community spirit.  He also took the opportunity to thank the members of the construction committee, who volunteered their time and service over the years, to ensure the sign was completed. “Without their combined efforts none of us would be standing here today for this memorable moment.

The Welcome to Retrieve Sign

“Retrieve we should all be proud of this sign and celebrate this achievement and I must say it feels good and I am proud to be a resident of Retrieve.”

Also present and the ceremony was Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell, Municipal Councillors Monica Hackshaw, Norvill Fredericks and RDC Councillor Coretta Braithwaite. The sign was completed by the “Retrieve Massive Team.” The sign also includes the photos and profiles of public figures and community leaders who were residents of Retrieve. It has been adapted as one of the town’s landmarks and historical sites.

The communities of  South Mackenzie including Fairs Rust and Richmond Hill were among the first to construct modern welcome signs in Linden.

Retrieve was one of the first communities to be developed on the Mackenzie Shore for local bauxite workers to reside. Most of the houses were constructed with zinc.