January 31, 2023



New Visit Linden Mobile App to push tourism in Region 10

With efforts mounting for the diversification of Linden’s economy, by tapping into underexploited sectors, such as the tourism sector, a new product has been launched, which aims to see these efforts further materialised. Last weekend, a mobile application called ‘VISIT LINDEN’ was launched and can now be downloaded for use by both Android and Apple devices. The app was developed by US-based Lindener Garth Nelson- CEO of VENTRIZ, the company that produces Linden’s own VENTRIZ FLAVORED PLANTAIN CHIPS.

A section of the Visit Linden App

While the app was developed since 2017, it was restructured and enhanced to cater for Linden’s growing tourism sector and to provide residents, domestic and foreign tourists, with a wide variety of informative and travel content, when visiting Linden. Nelson said that the app was created under the technology arm of VENTRIZ and targets tourists. “The app directly targets tourists that love food, our festivals, our tourism sites and signature events such as Linden Town Day and Mashramani. Its Information and Travelers’ guide to Linden is filled with things to do and see. It gives details like name, description, and location on the map, photos and videos etc. You can even get the direction from your place to the tourist spot. This is your personal guide to all things in Linden,” Nelson underscored.

He added, “Visit Linden App is in the palm of your hands and lists out detailed information of tourist spots around you. You will find information on popular sites and attractions, restaurants, street food, great shopping, events galore, among other things.   

A section of the Visit Linden App

Nelson said that VENTRIZ Cooperation is currently teaming up with local media entity INFO 10, to provide detailed and current information on the app so it will reach and attract potential tourists from around the world. “I think with the collaboration with INFO 10 media, all users of the app will enjoy real time communication in the Linden Chat section, and updated happenings around the town.

The app was endorsed by Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell, who said she is impressed with the level of accuracy it allows for one to see all of Linden. “It is a one stop app, from tourism to education, sports to sporting, religion to health, you can easily navigate across Linden,” she told INFO 10. She expressed gratitude to Nelson, for making information accessible to all. “I would encourage anyone with a heart to share and develop Linden, to allow your business and activities to be added. It is one of the best ways to showcase Linden,” she said

Developer of the Visit Linden App and CEO of VENTRIZ Garth Nelson

Sharing similar sentiments was Chairman of the Region 10 Tourism Association Devin Sears, who also commended Nelson for his ingenious product which augurs well for tourism development in Region 10. Sears said though we are in a pandemic, Region 10 has seen an influx in domestic tourists, who express an interest in partaking in our aqua and eco-tourism activities such as kayaking, hiking, swimming etc. “With the app, these visitors will be guided accordingly and will realise that Linden is not only a safe destination but the preferred destination to come. This app specifically will help promote the tourists opportunities that we have in Linden and Region 10, so we are extremely proud and elated about that fact and we as a Committee will support this app,” he said.  

Since the launching last weekend, the Visit Linden app has already been downloaded on mobile devices over 300 times in 20 different countries.