December 1, 2023



20-year-old Rennisa Webb on a mission to improve the Education Sector

By Naomi Marshall

CPCE Graduate Rennisa Web

“I would love to play an integral role in improving the quality of education in Guyana because I believe that a well-educated population is the key to a prosperous nation.” Those were the words of Rennisa Webb, a recent top graduate of the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE).

Webb told INFO 10 that she aspires to someday be Guyana’s Minister of Education in order to play a leading role in improving the country’s education system.

On December 29, 2020 Webb graduated from CPCE with an Associate Degree in Primary Education. She was also named among CPCE’s eight percent of teachers to graduate with a Distinction in 2020.

“I always knew I was a very smart young lady, so yes, I expected that Distinction. I worked really hard for it throughout the two years. I always put my best foot forward in anything I had to do. Hearing that I was in the top 8 percent had a great feeling attached to it,” the 20-year-old said.

The beautiful Rennisa Web

Webb lives in the mining town of Linden with her mother, a teacher; father, a technician; and four older sisters.

Her primary education was split between the Amelia’s Ward Primary and Wismar Hill Primary Schools.

After writing the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), she copped a spot at Linden’s prestigious Mackenzie High School where she spent six years, including one year at the Lower Six Level. In those years she was always amongst the top performers of her class.

In 2018, Webb applied to CPCE and was accepted. This marked the beginning of her much anticipated teaching career, one she dreamt of from a really tender age.

“I really enjoyed educating others from a tender age. I think it began from simply studying with my friends and sisters at home. I was not the type of person to sit and read from a book only, but I would write things on this chalk board my father had gotten me and then teach it to my sisters which was my way of learning and studying for exams,” she said.

Webb added that her inspiration for teaching definitely came from her mother, aunt and cousin who were all teachers

“My mother has taught thousands of persons during her 35 years of teaching, which honestly moves me by just thinking about it. It must be a great feeling to know that you helped thousands of people in this life,” she added.

According to Webb, attending CPCE was a great experience filled with a lot of work. Her favorite part of the journey was preparing and carrying out presentations since her extroverted and outspoken traits would let her shine during those demonstrations.

“I love public speaking, I love an audience, I love to entertain and educate an audience. I also like imparting knowledge to myself through research and then presenting on it and I never prepared a boring presentation,” she noted.

However, like any other journey, Webb did encounter challenges while attending CPCE. She told INFO 10 that finance was definitely a problem since both of her parents are retirees and the monthly grant provided by CPCE was never on time. She described it as putting the teachers in an unfair situation since funds were needed to prepare teaching aids, portfolios, and assignments, among other work for school.

Nevertheless, she stated that everything was made possible by God and her parents.

Webb’s next goal is to attend the University of Guyana to further her studies in Education.

Besides teaching she loves hanging out with friends, photography, modelling, art, music, make-up and cats. Additionally, she has her own small business called “knotless by Sun kissed,” where she braids hair.

While giving advice to persons who have an interest in entering the teaching career, Webb said that it is the best decision someone can make to impart knowledge into another person.

“To persons considering entering CPCE, go for it and stay focus, nothing is too difficult unless you make it. Believe in yourself, anything you put your mind to you can achieve and accomplish. No task is too big and you are not too small. See yourself as change. Go into the system and be the change you want to see,” she said.