October 1, 2023



‘Ready Set Grow’ sets to empower Linden businesses

CEO of Ready Set Grow Sancha Halley

Opportunities for development and growth are now available to businesses operating in the town of Linden and by extension Region 10, as well as to individuals seeking social and financial empowerment. Ready Set Grow is a mutlifaceted company, offering a plethora of services for entrepreneurial and business development through coaching, training and networking. It was launched on Friday, at the Watooka Guest House.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mrs. Sancha Halley, said the key services that will be offered by the organization, but not limited to, are business building, leadership development and personal development. These will be facilitated through training and coaching for groups and individuals in several areas such as money management, networking, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and much more.

Mrs. Halley who is also a Toast Master and a certified member of the John Maxwell team, said she realised that the business community in Linden was stagnated and was unprepared for the mountain of investment opportunities that the oil and gas industry will bring to Region 10. “We don’t want them to bring their employees, we want them to hire us, use our businesses, take our services,” she said.

For the business community to be ready, there needs to be a shift in the ‘hater’ mentality that is suppressing growth and development. Mrs. Halley stressed that there is more benefit in networking and collaboration than in seeing every competitive business as the enemy. It is for this reason, many businesses across Region 10 have been at the same level for years.
“In our community we have business owners that carry the hater mentality.
There is power in collaboration and networking and if we collaborate and network, we will see the change that will come about in Region 10,
we will become an independent people,” she urged, adding, “There is enough to go around for everyone and if we collaborate, we will see the power that we can have.”

Ready Set Grow will ensure clients are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to expand and function efficiently.

CEO of Ready Set Grow Sancha Halley sticking the cake with her son

Several officials of resourceful organizations such and the Small Business Bureau (SBB) and Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED), relayed how their organization will continue to provide technical and financial support to businesses in Linden.
SBB will continue to provide training for small business owners in Region 10, which will be accompanied by grants to either start up or expand small businesses in the region. Already the grant ceiling has been raised from $200,000 to $500,000.
Bringing congratulatory messages was Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell, who commended Mrs. Halley for an initiative that doesn’t speak to her personal development but to a town’s development that will later signal the development of a region and a country. She urged the stakeholders present at the ceremony, to return to their communities, organizations and various groups and share the word, that Linden now has a platform for their development.
Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, also congratulated Mrs. Halley for tapping into another niche opportunity, which will also create jobs for the residents of Region 10. This he said is needed at this time, when many youths are displaced and dismissed from their place of work.

Jobs are created through ideas , innovation, creativity, invention and
investment into those very ideas.

“And so I am elated to be at yet the launch of another new company, Ready Set Grow, the name speaks for itself ; of how this company intends to impact on the business community and adding to our regional business diversity and changing the landscape of critical companies required in the business support services industry.”

As a business owner himself, Adams said business support services such as Ready Set Grow is needed in Linden. In this regard, he said the Regional Democratic Council, will support this venture.

Others that gave congratulatory remarks include Apostle Nigel London, Deputy Mayor of Linden, Wainwright Bethune and President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce, Victor Fernandes.

Anyone desirous of benefiting from the services of Ready Set Grow, can contact the CEO on 592 604, 4888.