December 1, 2023



Shenelly Bowen-Phil trades her gloves and needle for art and craft

…now she is living her dream

By Naomi Marshall

A wall decor designed by Shenelly Bowen – Phil

Bosa Sebele once said, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” This quote is the epitome of Shenelly Bowen-Phil,
Chief Executive Officer of Heaven’s Bliss – an interior and exterior décor agency.
Phil grew up in the Wismar, Linden with her mother, and was always considered a person with gifted hands due the crafty traits she displayed.
However, while in school, she focused on becoming a phlebotomist (someone who takes samples for blood testing, because, at the time, having a career in arts and craft sounded a bit risky.
But when Phil completed her studies in phlebotomy, she felt an urge to follow her passion, and as such she put her gifted hands to work. The budding entrepreneur kick-started her career in cosmetology, specialising in hairstyling, manicures and pedicures. She then moved on to making corsages, bouquets and cakes for special events.
After receiving great feedback on her products and services, Phil’s passion for craft grew even more. In 2017, she launched her official business, Heaven’s Bliss.

The talented Shenelly Bowen-Phil

Heaven’s Bliss specialises in providing elegant and stunning interior and exterior designs for all events; customising of event décor, and event planning. The agency also produces corsages, bouquets, cakes, headbands, turbans, bonnets, and sophisticated home décor all handmade by Phil.
“My motto is once I see it I can do it. I love craft, I love inventing things. I like bringing things to life, even things that are torn and broken, I find ways to refurbish them rather than to throw them away. I want to show you that there is still potential in your items,” Phil told INFO 10.
She added: “Here in Linden we don’t have a wide variety of décor for various events but I can definitely make whatever you might need to make your vision come to life. There is no limit to what I can do.”
The 30-year-old told this newspaper that she is focused on taking her business to another level, to a state where Heaven’s Bliss can be a source of employment. Phil is also hopeful that in the near future, she will be able to offer her products and services countrywide.

A piece of ornament designed by Bowen-Phil

The mother of three daughters said she is inspired by her children to push and strive for greatness. She said that it is important for her to be a great role model for her children by showing them how to be independent women in society.

“I am always grabbing at every opportunity. I need to be independent and not dependent. I need to stand as a role model for my children and my community at large so that they can know that if I can do it, they can do it too, they can be ambitious, successful persons in society as well,” she said.
Phil describes herself as an outgoing, plain-spoken, friendly and willing individual. She said persons interested in becoming entrepreneurs should not give up on their dreams.