December 2, 2023



RC makes request for Linden post offices to be outfitted with shelters and seats for pensioners

The crowded Mackenzie Post Office on Monday

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, has made representation for pensioners to be accommodated comfortably at the Mackenzie and Wismar Post Offices on pension day. Pensioners are forced to stand in the hot sun on pension day, as they assemble in droves to receive the monthly assistance, which has been increased to $25,000.

This media house was informed that on Monday, a pensioner collapsed, after waiting for a long period in the sun, to be called into the building. Adams has since written to the Post Master General and the Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Vindhya Persaud, on the matter.

In making representation for the pensioners, he said, “I therefore seek your urgent intervention to provide, at the minimum, some form of temporary shelter that can accommodate the expected influx of pensioners seeking to collect their monies on the dates your agency would have identified for the provision of this service.”

Adams said while Minister Persaud responded positively to his request, the next pension date came and the pensioners found themselves in the same scenario. He is hoping that this does not reoccur next month. Provision for seating is also part of the request. In the past, several NGOs have taken the initiative to provide shelter and a snack for the pensioners, but this did not have continuity because of the lack of funding.