January 31, 2023



Kwakwani Logger killed by falling tree

 Patrick Gonsalves, a logger of Kwakwani, is now dead after he was pinned by a falling tree at #28 Miles Unamco Backdam on Sunday, March 7, 2021 between the hours of 13:00hrs to 14:00hrs.

Patrick Gonsalves

    According to reports, Gonsalves and his sawman were at the time felling trees when he met his unfortunate demise.

The traumatised 18-year -old sawman said, “We were cutting trees at the time, we stepped away from a tree I just cut and the man said let’s watch for when it will fall. In less than a minute he shoved me and say run! the tree is falling,” the teary-eyed teen related to INFO 10

He also added, “When I looked back, I saw the tree on his feet, I quickly sawed it off and place him in a sitting position and left for assistance.”

The teen said that on his return with a taxi he met on his way in the trail, he observed Gonsalves was motionless and subsequently made contact with the Kwakwani Police Station.

   The body was later escorted to the Kwakwani Hospital Complex, where Gonsalves was examined and pronounced dead on arrival.