January 31, 2023



Family of Victory Valley farmer to conduct private PM

  • Maintains that he was murdered

The family of Samuel De Souza, formerly of Victory Valley, Wismar Linden, is adamant that he was murdered, and did not die from natural causes, as was stated by Dr. Nehaul Singh, Government Pathologist, who conducted a post mortem on him. The post mortem stated that De Souza, died as a result of hypotension and gastritis. Dr. Singh explained that the internal bleeding was caused by frequent movement of the deceased, which led to the hypotension. He also added that this was also caused by the deceased’s smoking and consuming alcohol which was found in his stomach.

The deceased Samuel De Souza

On Wednesday, the deceased’s brother Jacob De Souza, told INFO  10, that his brother was murdered and his body had several marks of violence. He said the family is not pleased  with the result of the post mortem and will be pursuing a private one. De Souza said that when he turned up at the crime scene last Saturday, his brother’s face was swollen and blood was observed on it. He said he followed the police officers at the mortuary and continued to observe his brother’s body and each wound. He observed wounds to his hand, to his back, to his head and face, amongst other places.  “My brother was jook, lashed and beaten to death. My brother don’t cry out for sickness. I have evidence to show that my brother was well beaten. He get bore in he back, he get lash to he face and I need justice for my brother, because the whole Valley know that they had a fighting,” the grieving Jacob related.

Jacob De Souza

 He said the accusers are freely walking in the community and rejoicing at the results of the post mortem but he will not let the case end without getting the justice, he feels his brother deserves. “My brother had a problem with one family. It start from them picking out he fruits and so from the yard and when he talk, they violating he. How can you tell me a man drop down from low pressure just like that and he face bloody, he head swell, all over get marks of violence? The police needs to investigate this thing properly because my brother never suffer from low pressure,” he argued.

The two females who were arrested for the matter, have since been released. Commander of Region 10, Hugh Winter, said that the file return from the Director of Public Prosecution and ordered that the suspects be released  and that further investigation be executed. He said the case is not closed, but the investigation is continuing.

Samuel De Souza’s lifeless body was found in a track, Saturday evening, close to his home. According to the police, the deceased who lived alone, had an altercation with a female who, along with her daughter, confronted the victim. He subsequently ran away through the track leading to his home but sometime later, two unidentified males came out the said track and told the woman and her daughter that the victim was dead. When the Police visited the scene, the deceased was observed  lying on his back in the track in front of his home, a wooden-handle spear was observed resting on his body with what appeared to be blood. Three knives and a screw driver were found in the deceased pants waist. His mouth and right ear had what appeared to be blood oozing from it. There were superficial bruises seen on the exposed parts of his body.