October 1, 2023



$916 M budgeted for capital works in Region 10

-Asphalted roads, new schools to be constructed

Region 10 REO Dwight John

Out of the $4.7 B budgetary allocation for Region 10, the sum of $916 M has been allocated for capital works. Tenders are already out for construction and rehabilitation of roads in which $88 M has been allocated for and $21 M for bridges. An addition $39 M has been allocated for other infrastructural development. The roads included in the budget were part of those presented to the administration by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) following community consultation.

Included in the first batch of tenders are David Rose Avenue to Yuriballi Street, Pine Street Nursery School access road, First Street Rainbow City, Oronoque Drive Retrieve, Ituni internal access road and Industrial Area, access road.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dwight John, related that the 2021 budget has made provisions for the construction of asphalted roads, which is in response to a motion moved by the councillors to construct better quality roads to maintain longevity of the structure while retaining value for monies spent. He said while the quality of the roads will be better, the quantity of roads usually budgeted for were decreased. John said that Administration will put every effort into ensuring the 2021 budget is spent effectively and expeditiously, so as not to allow for the return of funds at the end of the budget year. “We have hired additional Clerks of Work on a part time basis and we will also be employing more evaluators, I have already written and asked for more. We already have 10 and we are looking to hire eight more so that the evaluation process, will be done in a shorter time,” he related.

As Chief Accounting Officer and Chairman of the Regional Tender Board, John said he is committed to ensuring the tendering process is fair and free of corruption and collusion between members and contractors. The Board currently has five members. In addition to Infrastructure, $274 M has been allocated for Education. The majority of the funds will go to the first phase of construction of schools across the region. These include a primary school at Bamia/Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc. A nursery school is also expected to be constructed at Hururu, a community in the Upper-Berbice River. Schools that will receive upgrades in the first batch of tenders, include the One Mile Primary School, Wisroc Nursery School, Watooka Day Primary School, Regma Primary School and the Canvas City Nursery School. A total of $419 M has been allocated for Health and $169 M for Agriculture. Two of the main agricultural projects are the continuation of the farm to market road from Millie’s Hide Out to the Berbice River and the farm to market road in West Watooka.

 REO John related that the Sub-Region district has not been neglected and has its fair share of projects as is Linden. “The Government made it very clear that especially hinterland locations must benefit from the funds allocated,” he said. Projects that have been budgeted for in the hinterland district include the construction of a wharf at Kimbia, extension of Health Centres at 58 Miles, Ebini, Malali and DeVeldt; repairs to Calcuni Primary School and Teachers’ Quarters and repairs to and maintenance to Teachers’ Quarters at Mabura, 58 Miles and Aroaima.

Community Groups in these communities are invited to participate in the tendering process to boost the socio-economic base of the communities through local content recognition. REO John said that technical officers will be overseeing the works that will be executed by community groups that will be awarded the projects.