January 31, 2023



Missing Linden woman confided in cousin that she wanted to end relationship

Missing- Shonette Dover

It has been four days since 21-year-old Shonnette Dover of Wismar Linden, has been missing and her relatives and friends are getting more anxious as the days go by, hoping for her safe return. He cousin, Esther Dover, said days before she went missing, she confided in her that she wanted to move out of her boyfriend’s home and move back into her grandmother’s home. Shonnette did not say her boyfriend was abusive, but that he was an alleged serial cheater and she wanted to end the relationship.  “She was planning on leaving her boyfriend to move back with the grandmother where we use to stay, she was planning to move back and leave him……..I am the only person she told, I am the only person that know what she was planning…..he is a cheater but she never mentioned him being abusive,” Esther Dover said.

She said according to Shonnette’s sister who was staying with her, she was last seen when she said she was leaving for work but according to her workmates, she never turned up to work. According to Commander of Region 10 Division, Hugh Winter, investigation revealed that she saw her brother on the Mackenzie shore and asked him for ‘a raise’, and he gave her two thousand dollars, which was the last person on record to see her.

Her boyfriend Shaquan Allen, told INFO 10 that he last saw his girlfriend on Saturday morning at home and they had no problem. “Me, she and her sister was at home, we did’nt had any issue, I woke up, she made breakfast and I ate,” he said. He then left to drop some clutches for someone who was involved in an accident. From there, he said he went to his aunt’s house where he spent time with his family. He then went home where his girlfriend’s little sister relayed to him that Shonnette left for work. He then dropped her little sister to another sister’s residence before going to a party in Blue Berry Hill with his friends, after which he said he returned home and he realised Shonnette was not home. “When I go and look and see I left the key right where I left the key and I said this girl ain’t come home but I know the first time she did something like that and when I was looking for her, she was at her mother’s residence so I didn’t dig nothing, so I sleep,” he related. After calling her phone the next day and it was going to voicemail, he went over to the mother’s residence who told him Shonnette is not there and she did not sleep there. “Right away I start getting suspicious and I start calling all she friends to find out if they see this girl then I got to understand that the brother saw her over the river (Mackenzie) with a girl. He decided to make a report at the police station on Monday and it was there her sister related that Shonnette was allegedly seeing someone else. “The sister start saying about this (name given) that she use to meet up at she place and is now I gon get to learn about this (name given). She said he use to come and meet Shonnette by she house and Shonnette go out and go in the car and they use to meet up steady by the sister house.” The boyfriend then related that some weeks ago he saw the same person’s name in her phone and he asked her who is the (name given) and she said she shouldn’t question her about her contact information. He also said he saw the person’s car drop her home a few nights ago.

He said he was not aware Shonnette was planning to leave and that she had moved out before because she found him cheating. He said he is hoping for her safe return.

Persons with any information about the whereabouts of Shonnette Dover can contact the police or her Grandmother, Constance Dover 4421616/ 6706846 or 6716455.