October 6, 2022



LTW 2021 focuses on family-oriented events

——in Light of Global Pandemic

The Linden Town Week 2021 calendar of events has been modified to meet the social changes brought on by the global pandemic and the COVID-19 virus. Customarily, LTW has been adulterated with parties and fetes, making it one of the most highly anticipated events for party-lovers. This year however, the Committee has taken a decision to not completely rule out physical events as was done in 2020, but to accommodate more family-oriented activities, that do not involve the assembling of large crowds and social gatherings.

Chairman of the Linden Mayor and Town Council Social Committee Lawrence Simon, said that the focus this year is on family bonding and economic development. Focus is also being placed on the arts and tourism development. There will be nine days of activities starting from the April 24th to May 2nd. These activities will also mark the observance of Linden’s 51’st birth anniversary as a town. The town’s birthday will be celebrated on April 29th 2021.

Some of the family-oriented events include the Hi-KAYAK-A-TON competition, the father and son hiking competition, mother and daughter unique photo-competition, bird whistling, days tours and others.  Simon described these events as exciting and new and brings a twist to the perception of what Linden Town Week is about; not just a big party but something that includes everyone in the township. This year’s theme is ‘bridging the social and economic gap’ and it aims to magnify the economic and social potential of the mining town. Activities to reflect this include the Business Exposition that will be held on April 29th, Bringing the Economic and Social Gap- Radio Discussion and the Virtual Business Conference.

In an effort to boost tourism in the region, the calendar also includes the Launch of Rediscover Region 10, a project that aims to sell Region 10 as a tourism destination. The Committee has taken a decision to have colour concept days where the entire town is expected to dress in particular colours that were associated with signature parties. On Monday April 26th is the All-White Monday and on Friday April 30th, will be the Black-Friday concept dressing. The Committee reiterated that these are not parties, but concepts to involve everyone in the community. All of the events listed on the final calendar have been approved by the COVID-19 Task Force. Other activities on the calendar include Radio DJ Sound Clash, 3vs 3 cricket, Culture Awareness Day, Art Gallery Youth Exhibition and the Wine, Art, Poetry and Fashion event.  The curfew which is 22:00 hrs to 04:30 hrs remains in effect.