September 26, 2023



Region 10 Chairman expresses concern over ‘Brunch, Wine and Soca”

In a Press Release, Regional Chairman Deron Adams condemned COVID-19 protocol abuses at a recent party Linden. “The Regional Democratic Council would like to record its dismay and grave concern at the video recording of a recent event that clearly shows a large crowd of revelers mingling with no regard to social distancing and with no face mask or other COVID-19 protocols being observed. This sight is even more unsettling due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases nationally and regionally,” the statement said. He further expressed concerns over the rapid increase in cases in Region 10. Region 10 has had 52 positive cases of COVID-19, and events like the recent party in the video circulating on social media threaten to turn this into full blown outbreak, which will threaten the stability of our health services and communities.

“The RDC therefore roundly condemns what has occurred here and calls on the Region 10 COVID-19 Task Force and the Guyana Police Force to be more vigilant in the execution of their duties. We also call on the Linden Town Week Committee and the Region 10 Tourism Association to ensure that the rest of the activities planned to observe the town’s anniversary do not put the health and safety of the residents of Linden and Region 10 at undue risk.”

The statement said The Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 has accepted the responsibility of protecting and preserving the health, safety and development of our residents, and will not abdicate this responsibility even if the condemnation of this behaviour may prove to be unpopular. “We therefore call on each and every resident to be more responsible in their behavior during this difficult time and ask that you continue to be COVID-19 smart. Wear your mask correctly, wash or sanitise your hands frequently, maintain social distancing as much as is possible and get vaccinated today.”