December 1, 2023



Police to investigate statement given by Shonette Dover’s brother

-who said he gave her $2000.00 the day after she was killed

Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said that a statement was given by one of Shonnette’s brother, that he saw her on Mackenzie the day after her 15-year-old sister allegedly confessed that she was shot and buried, and gave her $2000.00. He said the statement was part of the missing person’s report that was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution, for advice on the way forward. Winter said now that the case is being treated as a homicide, that statement will be reviewed and the brother will be questioned.

Shonnette’s father, Selwin Haywood, said it was impossible for any brother to give Shonnette any money because she was killed since Friday April 2nd, 2021. He is confident of this because of the attire she had on, when he identified her body. “She had on a red brassiere and a blue short pants, this is what she does wear when she deh home,” so they kill her since the day before, if not she woulda get on she working clothes,” her father told INFO 10. Shonnette did not turn up for work on Saturday April 3rd 2021, as was professed by her little sister and her boyfriend, that she left home for work. In addition, none of her friends never made a statement or came forward, that she was with her on Saturday, as is stated by the brother. He had told police, she was in the company of a girl.

Shaquawn and Shonnette in earlier times

Shonnette’s sister allegedly, told police that Shaquawn was cleaning his gun, when it went off. She then saw Shonnette’s mouth open and blood on her face. They then informed Shaquawn’s father, Shawn Alleyne, of what had occurred and then left his home on a motorcycle and buried her behind Shaquawn’s yard. Haywood said he is confident that the 15-year-old sister was in a relationship with Shaquawn. “For 24 days, this girl kept silent, this girl was even feeding he (Shaquawn), with information that we share with she about the search because he use to come and tell me, ‘yal hiding things from me’. This girl use to giving we information claiming she receiving from people, get we searching here there, see me collecting money, travelling til to Mabura and in say nothing…..he had to be **********she,” he told INFO 10.

Despite she is not her daughter, he said she grew up around him and even called him daddy. “She use to be around me, around me children, so I real hurt, real hurt as to what she did….she kept silent for 24 days. So the judge should give she the same amount of years, for the same amount of days she kept silent and had we in it,” the angry father said.

 He said he needs everyone involved to feel the brunt of the law for allegedly murdering his daughter. “Shonnette was me favourite, she was me dopes. You know you get children an yah love all a dem, but ya does get a favourite, Shonnette use to deh with me all over, I need justice for my baby,” he said.

Commander Winter said that police are in receipt of information that Shaquawn was planning to flee to Cayanne and is pursuing all leads in an effort to find him. In recordings heard by INFO 10, he was telling a friend he wanted to leave everything behind and roll, despite the friend advised him not to, since a wanted bulletin will be issued for him. “Me in looking for no body judge me and nail me up on no cross and them thing, ya know how it does guh,” he said. He said he wanted to try new things; like leading an alternative lifestyle. “You think me in think about all a dah a ready, I done think about all a dah, all a dah is reason mek I want go way to because the police trying to *****  round me…..that’s why I pushing I pushing so bad to roll out and lef everything, budday between me and you, you is the only person that know I beating out, you is the only person that know me in tell no body else nothing, the is how I want do it budday.”  He was begging the friend to support him in his efforts to flee and said he has nothing to return to. “Yah rather hear a deh over deh and kill ma *********self because the stress too much and a can’t tek it.”

 Last week Alleyne reported to the station but knew that the police was closing in on him because two days prior to the discovery, they searched the septic tank and the house. Haywood said that neighbours saw Shaquawn sprinkling gasoline at the back of the yard, which led to suspicion. Winter said the police are receiving several leads about his whereabouts and have checked on all but have so far come up empty handed. A wanted bulletin has been issued for him.