December 11, 2023



Charles Roza students worried over suspension of programmes

Former students of the Charles Roza School of Nursing

First year students of the Charles Roza School of Nursing, are anxious as to whether their dreams are now shattered, following an announcement by the Principal Tutor, that directive came from Ministry of Health, to suspend the programme, until further notice. Much to the dismay of the trainee nurses, the tutor, along with three other personnel, were unable to give them basic information about why the programmes were suspended. “They came to us and said, 66 (batch number), we got bad news, we got instruction from the Ministry of Health to suspend the programme,” one of the trainee nurses relayed to INFO 10, what was said to them. Both the Registered Nursing Programme and the Assistant Nursing Programme were suspended. The programme started on March 8th 2021.  

She said the student nurses asked when will they return and what was the reason behind the suspension. “They told us they do not have that information and that they were not given permission to facilitate classes via zoom,” she said. The student nurse said she and her 29 other batch mates waited since 2019 to commence the programme and a lot of investments were made to pursue the course. “We were waiting so long to start, then we had to spend money to get our uniforms, books and all of these things, I am just trying to remain optimistic that it is not all going to waste.”

 On Sunday, Minister Frank Anthony, while in Linden, was asked about the suspension of the programme, but at the time, said he had no information on the reason for the suspension.