January 31, 2023



Three Linden schools closed as COVID-19 cases spiral

-Region 10 now has 120 active cases

-Less than 10 percent of the population vaccinated

Health Officials are concerned about the spike in COVID-19 cases in the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region (Region 10), as active cases are now back in the three digits. As of Thursday May 6th, Region 10 had 120 active COVID-19 cases. There have been 20 recorded deaths in the region thus far and 926 persons have tested positive, since the first COVID-19 case in 2020.

The community with the highest number of cases presently is Amelia’s Ward, with 44 active cases. Regional officials have also confirmed that three schools have been closed as a result of positive cases. These are Linden Foundation Secondary School, Mackenzie High School and Christianburg Wismar Secondary School.

While cases continue to spike, the vaccination rate in Region 10 remains at 8.2 percent. This is despite the Regional Department of Health has ramped up the campaign by establishing several vaccination sites across the region, to make it more convenient for residents to take the jab.

Last Sunday, several Ministers of Government were in Linden, boosting the vaccination campaign and encouraging persons to be inoculated. They joined Regional Health Officer Dr. Gregory Harris, who is overseeing the project, to encourage residents to take the vaccine and to endorse the campaign.

Minister with responsibility of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, said COVID-19 is serious business. “COVID-19 is a reality, it is infecting people and it is killing people, so we have to take this public health seriously at a national level and also at a household level,” he said, while encouraging the population to take the vaccine. “We have been literally having sleepless nights trying to help people to secure the vaccine to see it rolled out nation wide and this would go in vain if 80 per cent of the population is not vaccinated,” In Region 10 however, less than 10 percent of the population has received the vaccine. “That’s an extremely worrying situation, particularly when you contrast the 28 percent with the Region 10 coverage of 8.2 percent. What that means is that out of every 10 persons that you see, less than one has received the vaccine. That is very disappointing and for me I find it really really worrying,” Dr. Ashni Singh said. President Irfaan Ali has also expressed concern about the slow vaccination rate in Region 10.

Regional Health Officer Dr. Gregory Harris, is calling on residents of Region 10 to take the vaccine, so that the region can achieve herd immunity.

COVID-19 mobile sites are located at the Linden Hospital Complex, health centres and popular spots both on the Wismar and Mackenzie shore.