March 31, 2023



Kwakwani Police Officers pamper elderly mothers

Police Officers stationed at the Kwakwani Police Station, last Friday, held a simple ceremony for elderly mothers in the Upper-Berbice district for Mother’s Day.
The elderly women were presented with hampers, after being served with lunch. To express their appreciation to them for mothering an entire community, the officers also treated them to a refreshing and replenishing manicure session.

According to the Officer-in-Charge of the Sub-Region, Inspector Presley Holder, this initiative was undertaken because Policemen and women are not only employed to serve and protect, but to uphold the women of this community’s dignity.

Joan Mcpherson, a mother of six, who was the first to have her manicure said, “I felt so wonderful, I don’t know when last I had a manicure.”

The officers reiterated that the best gift anyone has ever received is having a mother. No! Fathers are not left out of the equation, but we all know, there is no other love than that a mother’s love; no one else to care for you like mommy, when everyone shuns you in your most trying times, mommy is there to console you and make you laugh.

“With all the great things mothers have done for their child/children, they don’t ask for much but they are flattered by your small gesture of love, respect and are most intrigued when their child/children reinforce how beautiful and charming his/her mother is..”