December 2, 2023



Broomes’ Foundation brings relief to domestic violence victim

Munisha Singh being assisted by a family member

Founder of the Broomes Foundation and former Minister of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes on Monday, visited the victim of a gruesome domestic violence attack, that has left her unable to walk as a result of a broken foot. On Monday March 29th, 21-year-old Manisha Singh and her 18-year-old sister Sunita Singh, were brutally attacked by Manisha’s ex-partner Rajin Allen, who has since pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Singh related to Broomes that since the attack, her entire life has changed, more so that she cannot walk. Singh had to perform two surgeries on her left foot because of the severity of the damages to the bones. The doctors also placed steel in her foot, to help with the heeling process, but she was not given assurance that she will be able to walk normal again. “It is very challenging because I am not getting to walk, and so I cannot get to work and is my mother and step father from the lil gardening that does help look me and them chiren after, is my mother doing everything right now,” she said.

 With the help of the Welfare Officer, Manisha was able to collect her children from their paternal grandparents.

 In addition to an on-the-spot monetary contribution, the Broomes’ Foundation will continue to monitor the situation and to assist the young mother and her three children in whatever way possible. Manisha said when she heels and can walk again, she will be seeking employment, to be better able to provide for her children.

Former Minister Simona Broomes, interacting with Sunita Singh who was burnt to her face

Meanwhile Sunita is healing from her second degree burns and other injuries.

Recollecting on what transpired on that dreadful day, she said. “I didn’t had no confrontation with them two, because I was in the bedroom and they were in the living room but he attacked me before he beat she with the hot water and then he went and beat she, then come back in the house and continue to beat me,” she recalled. Left helpless on the floor, the guy, Rajin Allen, started to harass her for the password for the sister’s phone. “That was the first time, I didn’t know what really was going on, I was so confused. I didn’t had my head on. When he come in the house, I said Rajin, you bun me up, why you do this? You want the phone, look the phone. Then he said open the phone, when I tell he I don’t know the password, he started beating me,” she recalled.

Former Minister Simona Broomes, interacting with Manisha Singh

At that time, her sister was lying in an unconscious state in the yard after Rajin beat her with a concrete block and other items to her head and foot.

The sisters believe that the attack was a premeditated one. It was the end to years of abuse, Manisha experienced at the hands of Rajin.