July 13, 2024



No tap water for South Amelia’s Ward residents

The GWI Well in South Amelia’s Ward

Residents residing in South Amelia’s Ward, Linden, have not been receiving water in their taps for close to a month, and are calling on the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), to fix the issue as soon as possible. Frustrated residents claim that despite not receiving water, they are still billed for the service. “For the past three weeks, no water in South Amelia’s Ward, this is what we are facing for the longest while, and every month we getting water bill, so is what really going on,” one resident said. Another resident said if it wasn’t for the May/June rain that has been sustaining them, they would have been forced to purchase water or fetch from the nearby creek. “Thank God for the lil rain we getting, mek yuh see we does full up we barrel and so out side. It is frustrating man and when you call them, no body in coming,” the frustrated resident said. They also question how they have not been receiving water and the well is in close proximity to their community.

When INFO 10 contacted Manager of GWI Linden Branch Rawl Friday, he said he was not aware of the situation and he along with technical officers will visit the community on Tuesday. He said complaints were made of individual residents not receiving water and it was reasoned that black outs were the cause of the situation, but he was not aware that an entire community was not receiving water for over three weeks.

In addition to South Amelia’s Ward, several residents from other communities, particularly on the Wismar shore, have been complaining about the quality of the water, since a brownish colour has been coming out of their taps.