January 31, 2023



RDC 10 forms Disaster and Relief Committee

-In light of region-wide flooding

Head of the DPRC Deron Adams preparing hampers for residents affected by flooding to be transported

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Region 10, has activated the Region 10 Disaster Preparedness and Relief Committee (DPRC), which is listed as a necessary agency, under the statutes of the Civil Defense Commission (CDC). The formation of the Committee comes at a time when hundreds of residents in Region 10 from more that 13 communities are affected by severe flooding.

The DPRC is a multi-agency committee that consists of several stakeholders in Region 10. The Regional Chairman, Deron Adams; has been appointed head of the Committee while Vice Chairman, Douglas Gittens; is his alternate. Each committee member representing the various stakeholder organizations, has separate responsibilities.

The Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Dwight John; is responsible for providing assistance at the level of Central Government. The Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC) and the Kwakwani Neighbourhood Democratic Council (KNDC), are responsible for bringing the necessary relief to its constituencies.

Other members of the DPRC include Regional Health Officer Dr. Gregory Harris and Region 10 Commander Hugh Winter. The Guyana Police Force is responsible for law and order, especially in the context of displaced persons leaving some of their possessions in less than secure circumstances, to move into shelters. Regional Agricultural Officer Derrick Collins, is responsible for addressing the needs of both cash crop, non-traditional, poultry and other categories of farmers.

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), is responsible for provision of water and cutting off of flow to areas where water is contaminated, to ensure that persons do not contract water borne diseases. The electricity supply agencies such as Linden Electricity Incorporated (LEI) and the Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI), are responsible for ensuring that power is cut off to inundated areas and kept on at shelters and other emergency locations.

The Linden Chamber of Commerce is responsible for recording the concerns of the business community in areas cut off from supply and to coordinate contributions where possible from the private sector. The Welfare and Social Workers will address the social crisis faced by families, especially with children that are affected.

In addition to these agencies, specifically trained shelter management officials, will be brought on board as the need arises with the assistance of Community Development Councils (CDC). The DPRC also includes a representative of the religious community, in the person of Pastor Selwyn Sills.

Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens

Head of the DPRC, Deron Adams, said it was extremely important that this committee be activated at the earliest possible time. “All information and decisions channeled through this structure would minimize chaos or miscommunication. It would be unfortunate to have different persons issuing instructions to those actually providing the services on the ground… imagine a situation where a decision is made to cut the power to a particular area for safety reasons and someone else countermanding that order and having the power turned back on for another reason. That simple act could put numerous lives in jeopardy. So it’s important that we establish the direct reporting relationship with the Civil Defense Commission and National Relief Centre urgently.=,” Adams related

The hotline number for the DPRC is 4446121 while the WhatsApp number is 680 0022.