January 31, 2023



Floodwaters receding slowly in Upper-Berbice River communities

Image showing flood water receding in Kwakwani

Flood waters in the Upper-Berbice River communities of Kwakwani, Ladern’s Ville and Hururu, are receding slowly, giving residents little hope.
Residents have been plunged into a further depressed state since it has been estimated, that the flood waters will completely recede between August and September. They are battling daily to remain free from water-borne diseases.

In Kwakwani, residents have only recorded a maximum of 5 inches in the drop of water levels.

Residents of Ladern’s Ville are calling on the health authorities to swiftly address health issues they are now being plagued with, as a result of the flooded waters.
“The floodwater is beginning to develop a thick slime, which is dangerous to everyone’s health,” Victor Kersting, a resident said in a recent Facebook post.

It was also noted that there is an insufficient influx of potable water, to sustain the village. Affected residents are seeking the intervention of the relevant authorities, to distribute in a timely manner, drinking water and cleaning supplies, to sanitise their inundated yards that are now developing an unpleasant odour.

Image showing flood water receding in Kwakwani

Scores of families remain in shelters provided by the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), have benefited from food hampers and other necessary supplies. The Government of Guyana, the CDC, the local authorities and several stakeholders, have been lending tremendous support to the flooding situation in the Upper-Berbice River.