October 1, 2023



Shonnette Dover’s family says police not doing enough to find alleged killer

Two months after the decomposed body of Shonnette Dover was found in a shallow grave at the back of her boyfriend, Shaquan Alleyne’s home, the police has no updates on the search for him. Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force Stan Gouveia, told INFO 10, that there are no updates on the matter and once the Criminal Investigation Department takes over a case, the regional division is no longer in control of it.

Shonnette’s mother Simone Dover, told INFO 10 on Friday, that she does not feel the police is doing enough to capture her daughter’s killer. Similar sentiments were echoed by Constance Dover, Shonnette’s grandmother who said no one is showing interest in her granddaughter’s case any more. “No body in calling us and telling us nothing, is like my granddaughter got shot like a bird and no body is not showing interest. I think if was their children or grandchildren, they would have shown interest but everything just come and lull down just like that,” she said.

Dover said that early in May, the police came with a photograph of a guy that was captured in Mahdia and asked the family if this was Shaquan, but it was not him. After that, the family never heard from the police again. She said several persons keep sharing information, which she deemed to be false, with the family about the whereabouts of Alleyne. “Up to the other day, somebody come and say they see he in England, and I say girl, how he reach till England.”

The grandmother says her family is relying on God for strength to continue to comfort them during their grieving process and to give them hope that Shonnette will get justice for her gruesome death. “What I know is that God is in control, God is going to make a way where there seems to be no way, God’s time is the best time,” the grandmother said.

Shonette’s body was discovered on Friday, April 30, in a shallow grave at the back of Shaquan’s Canvas City residence, where the two lived before she died. Shonette Dover was reported missing on Sunday, April 4 by the very same Alleyne who told her relatives that he had no idea where she was and assumed that she left for work. Dover’s 15-year-old relative who had admitted to helping Alleyne burying the young woman’s body and led police to the site, has since been charged with accessory after the fact of murder and remanded to the Juvenile Detention Centre.

A post mortem examination conducted found that Shonette died from a single gunshot wound to her head.