January 31, 2023



Charles Rosa School of Nursing students being recalled

The Ministry of Health has started to recall students of the Batch #66 and Class #17 of the Charles Rosa School of Nursing Registered Nursing Programme and Nursing Assistants Programme respectively, who were earlier in May sent home following a decision to suspend the programme.

INFO 10 was informed by students, that both programmes have restarted though all of the students were not recalled. “For my programme, which is the NA (Nursing Assistants Programme), about nine of us were called back and today (Monday), about 11 or 12 students from the hinterland regions joined us,” a Nursing Assistant student said.

Relative to the Professional Nursing Programmes, less than 10 from Region 10 have been recalled thus far, a student related.

In April when both programmes started, Batch # 66 began classes with 34 nursing students of which 24 were from Region 10, while Batch #17 began classes with 33 nursing assistant students of which 21 were from Region 10.

The Ministry of Health had made a decision to temporarily suspend the programme, citing discrimination in the selection process, since most of the students accepted were from Region 10, while applicants from hinterland regions were shortchanged.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony said during a recent COVID-19 update, an assessment was conducted to ensure no unreasonable or discriminatory practices were taking place, as had been previously reported.

“The intake of that programme was disproportionately from Region 10, and that school caters for people from the hinterland and also people from Region 10.

So, the admission persons who have been working on admissions into the programme, went back, they spoke to each of the regions and they have been able now to review the applications that were already in from those regions. So, they have given priority to Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine, and along with Ten.”

Dr. Anthony said if 30 spaces were available, then those would be assigned to the prioritised regions, so that everyone would have the same opportunity to benefit.

He said when Government evaluated the institution, it found that it had shirked its mandate of providing equal opportunities for training.  

“Initially, it was predominantly from Region 10, almost less than 10 persons from all the other regions.

So, we have reversed that to give everybody an equal opportunity so that they can get training.”   

Minister Anthony said Region 10 has more than 300 nursing staff over its current needs. Meanwhile, all other regions are said to be short of trained nursing staff.