March 31, 2023



One dead, one injured following drive-by shooting in Linden

Dead- Delron McKenzie

One person is now dead following a drive-by shooting in Sunflower, Wismar Linden. He has been identified as Delron McKenzie, age 23 years of Roxanne Burnham Gardens Georgetown. His friend Calvin Daly is warded at the Linden Hospital Complex nursing two gunshot wounds on the left and right lower arm with abrasions to both of his arms.

Information received from Daly states that on Saturday around 17:00 hrs, he and the deceased left Georgetown because the deceased had asked him to accompany him to visit a female friend in Linden.

About 21:00 hrs, they arrived in Linden via public transportation and went to Church’s to purchase chicken.

The deceased was given directions from his female friend via cellular to join a boat at the last stelling at the McKenzie shore. On arrival at the Wismar shore, the deceased contacted the female via cellular phone and he was told to walk up the road through a street (Sunflower Street).

They then went through the street further down to a bridge and a short distance in the cross street. The deceased then recieved another phone in which the female told him to turn around since she will be sending a silver wagon to pick them up.

They then walked out of the street where the said silver wagon car turned around and as Delron approached the car to open the back door, a male of African descent opened the door first and started to shoot at him and another male came out of the front passenger seat and opened fire too.

The friend Calvin ran for cover leaving Delron behind. The car had three male occupants at the time but he did not recognized any of them. They joined the car and continued to drive in a southern direction towards Silver City street. Calvin claimed that he doesn’t know anything about the female that Delron brought him to Linden to meet.

Calvin received He was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was admitted a patient and schedule to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for surgery.

The deceased’s body was then escorted to the Linden Hopital Complex where it was examined by the doctor on duty who pronounced him dead on arrival. The body was then escorted to the GJetso Funeral home awaiting Post Mortem.

Investigations are continuing.