June 6, 2023



Linden woman launches ‘Im So Fabulous’ clothing line

By Vanessa Braithwaite-Moore

Nikeza Noel, 43, is a Linden woman who is on a mission to break all stereotypes that ‘woman is not enough’, and that their own perceived imperfections such as being overly self-conscious about their appearance is the actual stumbling block to their ability to soar. Noel, a mother of three, started her career in business, when she attended the Cyril Potter College of Education, to support herself. She was then married to a third-generation businessman of the household Bobby Noel Enterprise of Wismar, Linden. There she began co-managing the business with her husband and in her own words, “I realise that as the years went by, I had a knack for it.”

After her marital separation, she entered survival mode, so as to continue being that great provider for her children. She launched her first business, ‘Creative Hands’, which became one of Linden’s most demanded event planning, interior decorating and rental services. This business caught on pretty quickly and Noel said the entrepreneurial spirit in her roared and she wanted to be that catalyst for women finding favour in themselves; to do as she was able to do. Her clothing line, ‘Nica Noel – Im so Faulous’, which is a personalised brand inspiring women, men and children to be their fabulous selves, despite all the negativity the world has to offer. “Nica Noel- I’m So Fabulous is not just a brand it’s a movement! A movement to empower every girl and every woman that’s she’s fabulous regardless of colour, size, shape, ethnicity, religious affiliations or any other limitations this world might place in your way.  She’s fabulous just because she was born as herself …so baby girl, I am only gonna say this to you once, “Be you, be fabulous!”

In articulating what motivated her to launch the brand, the fashion designer said she battled with her own imperfection for years, and after conquering those demons, she wanted to share with others, how to do the same thing. “I was that girl …you know the one that questions everything about herself …are my eyes too full? Or is my skin too dark? … maybe if my nose was a bit straighter, I would be pretty and there’s not a girl or woman in this world that hasn’t experienced that feeling. You see you are over here wishing you could look like her and she’s over there doing everything in her power to look like you. Yep I was that girl, but not anymore. I’ve learnt that, ‘I’m So Fabulous’, not because I look a certain way but just because, I am me.”

Noel said her clothing line is not just a brand but a platform where women can learn to embrace what is unique about themselves. During one of the most difficult times in my life, Noel said three simple words helped her to embrace what was different about herself- ‘Im So Fabulous’. “I stopped looking at myself as flawed and instead looked at how being different or weird was what would be my success story.”

Every piece in her collection was designed to erase doubts in the minds of the women wearing it. She argued that it is imperative that every woman should have at least one piece of garment that speaks to their insecurities and helps replace self-loathing thoughts with those that will change their entire outlook on life. Clothing from Noel’s fashion line can be purchased on www.nicanoel.com.