October 6, 2022



Linden police investigating theft of market vendor’s phone

Adelle Baker

Linden police are investigating the alleged theft of a cellphone belonging to a vendor in the Mackenzie Municipal Market. The vendor, Adelle Baker, said her phone was stolen from the market more than a month ago, after it was closed and no one else had access to the premises, other than the market constables. She alleged that officials at the Linden Mayor and Town Council have not treated her case with priority and this forced her to report same to the Mackenzie Police Station, after which an investigation was launched. The frustrated Baker said she forgot the phone on a bench in the corridor, where her stall is located and that she was the last person to leave the market. She said she physically saw the constable on duty close the market gate.

After realising her phone was missing, she returned to the market and saw it on the bench and then proceeded to LMTC, where she informed the constable on duty, that her phone was left in the market, however, the constable advised that the policy is to not open the gates after market hours. She then went back and took a photo of the phone on the bench.

The phone that was stolen from the market

The next morning, she went to the market before it was opened and upon checking on the bench, the phone was not there. When she went back to LMTC, the constable on duty told her the constable that she relieved at 23:00 hrs, did not inform her of the phone being in the market, neither was it written in the book, as is the policy. Since then, Baker alleged that she has been back and forth trying to get her phone, which is presently being used by someone. She alleged that no one else knew about the phone but the constable that she informed it was there and who told her she cannot open the gates for her to retrieve it. She also claims the phone was not in hand-reach for anyone to remove it from the windows.

In an invited comment, Mayor of Linden Waneka Arrindell, said the matter is in the hands of the police and there is no evidence to show that the constable was ever present at the market, since she was stationed at LMTC. Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said the matter is being investigated and video footage is being sought to corroborate statements that were taken. Baker however believes that no one cares about her loss and that no proper protection is provided for stall owners at nights. She said she recently bought her phone and is calling on the Police and the LMTC to investigate the issue with urgency, rather than to brush it aside, since it has been over one month.