January 30, 2023



Region 10 MP urges Lindeners to remain ready for civil disobedience

  • If vaccination imposition is not completely reversed
Employees of the Mackenzie Post Office protesting, after they were locked out of the building for not producing a vaccine card

Region 10 Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, is urging residents of Region 10, to remain ready to participate in civil disobedience, which is peaceful protest, if the government does not completely reverse the vaccination policy, which stipulates that government employees must be vaccinated to access their place of employment and that citizens must be vaccinated to access government services. The MP, who along with Pastor Nigel London, played an integral role in appealing protestors who had blocked the Wismar/Mackenzie bridge, to clear the bridge, to make way for consultation and a change of heart, on the government’s behalf.

In an invited comment on Monday, Figueira said he does believe that residents should protest peacefully, if the policy is not reversed. In a Facebook post, Figueira said, “Linden/Region 10, says no to mandatory vaccination. People get ready, we will organize and unite to defend the rights of every citizen to have a choice.”

On a recent talk show, the MP reiterated his call for peaceful protest action. “We are not against vaccination, but totally against mandatory vaccination and we will fight resolute to ensure that our people’s right and freedom are respected, because if today you take this away from us, tomorrow you will come for something else, so we must standup.”

Pastor Nigel London, who initiated peaceful protest in Linden, also signaled his firm disposition to continue on his quest to fight for, “every human being who cannot defend themselves.” “I’m not against the vaccine, but I have a problem with forcefully imposing the vaccination on the people,” London said.

On Monday, several groups of government employees continued to protest, after they could not access their respective places of employment. These include employees of the Mackenzie Post Office and the Linden Electricity Company. Former Educator Cleveland Thomas, also protested against the vaccination policy in Mackenzie which attracted scored of spectators.