December 1, 2023



$550 M in infrastructural works awarded from 2021 budget

  • 276 local residents gained employment
REO Dwight John

As the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Region 10, executes spending of $4.7 B that was passed for 2021, a total of 38 capital infrastructural works contracts, to the tune of $433 M, have been awarded by the Region 10 administration, Regional Executive Officer (REO), Dwight John confirmed. Under current infrastructural works projects, a total of 30 projects were awarded to the tune of $117 M, bringing the total to $550 M being awarded thus far in infrastructural works. These projects are being executed in Region 10’s capital, Linden and all outlying and riverain communities.

The infrastructural contracts awarded, span across all programme heads including agriculture, health and education. One of the main projects awarded under agriculture is the expansion and painting of the agriculture building to the tune of $10 M. In addition, the Agricultural Department has benefited from other capital projects, such as the upgrading and maintaining of the farm to market road in West Watooka and the continuation of the farm to market road from Millies Hide Out to Kimbia.

Under Health, some of the infrastructural contracts awarded include the expansion of the Upper-Demerara Hospital to the tune of $6 M, construction of a health centre at Blue Berry Hill to the tune of $16 M and the extension of the 48 Miles, 58 Miles Calcuni, DeVeldt Health Centres, amongst others

Under education, contracts awarded include the construction of the Amelia’s Ward Primary School to the tune of $53 M and the construction of the Wisroc Nursery School to the tune of $43 M.

Several community access roads rehabilitation contracts were awarded; these include First Street Rainbow City, Oronoque Drive Retrieve, Ituni internal access road, Yuriballi Street, Retrieve; Pine Street Nursery School entrance, Industrial Area Mackenzie; Access Road Block 22, Access Road Silvertown, amongst others.

REO John said that the Regional Administration is working assiduously to ensure all contracts are awarded before the end of the budget year and all monies allocated for spending under the various programmes, are spent accordingly, so that the people of Region 10, will get value for their monies. What is important to John as well, is that the people of Region 10 benefit from the contracts, either from being awarded, if they qualify, or from being employed by the contractors. The RDC has put stringent measures in place, to ensure contractors honour their responsibility to employ residents of Region 10, particularly those from outlying communities. To date, 276 residents of Region 10, were employed.

Photo attached of Regional Executive Officer Dwight John