December 2, 2023



Farhannah Wilson, emerging artist in Linden

By Naomi Marshall

At just 14-years-old, Farhannah Wilson is creating a buzz in Linden’s art industry with her figurative paintings that give viewers art of realistic representation.

While imitating the real world with her canvas, paint and brushes bring satisfaction to Wilson and creating abstract art is definitely not excluded from what this young artist can do.

Wilson was among the six artists from across Linden who have displayed their art work at the first ever Art Gallery hosted back in April, 2021 during the annual Linden Town Week festivities.

Wilson who attends the Mackenzie High School has been doing visual art for as long as she can remember. However, she only recently began taking her self-taught artistic talent seriously after realizing that she really enjoys painting and is truly good at it.

For the teenager, art brings comfort, makes way for creativity and allows her to express herself.

“Art means a lot to me because it is like a coping mechanism; it is a distraction, a hobby, and a passion, so it really means a lot,” she added.

Wilson’s source of inspiration for her art pieces is the environment, which is where her love for painting flowers, stemmed from.

“I get inspiration from my environment. When I go outside and see nature I just really feel like painting. But honestly anything inspires me because I can even get inspiration from a simple word,” Wilson told INFO 10.

Wilson’s talent was discovered at a sip and paint event hosted by Brush n Pour. There she was invited to have her art work displayed at the art gallery after her drawing stood out to Croal. She recalls being overwhelmed by the offer.

Wilson displayed five of her paintings at the event, which aimed at giving young talented artists in Linden, an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity through their art work.

“The experience was really good. I got to meet a lot more artists who were very nice and talented and inspired me. I learned from them, that it is okay to not be perfect,” Wilson expressed.

Besides art, Wilson enjoys reading and is working towards becoming a teacher in the future.

“I am very interested in teaching. One of my teachers from primary school sparked that interest because she was very nice, fun and made learning very easy. She really inspired me,” the third form student said.

The teen is advising young people to go after their passion and to not let age be a factor holding them back from accomplishing any goal or starting a new venture.

“No matter how young you are, if you feel a passion for something, your age does not really matter, you just have to keep trying and eventually you will get really good at it,” she encouraged.

Persons interested in contacting Wilson can do so on Facebook at Artsy Fee and Photography or on 6731863.