December 1, 2023



RDC employees benefit from customer service training

RDC employees participating in the customer service training

Employees from the various departments of the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council(RDC), benefited from a two-day Customer Service training, coordinated by the RDC and facilitated by Zoywins consultancy. The training aimed at enhancing the quality of customer service practiced by the employees while interacting with the public. It is also expected to bring out excellence in all levels of public service while creating a people friendly environment. It is being held under the theme, “Enhancing the quality of customer service.”

Senior Personnel Officer Simone Johnson, in her opening remarks said that the pandemic affected the hosting of trainings sessions but this has reconvened given staff members are vaccinated. She said that the way employees interact with the public is important and there is need for improvement is this regard.

Regional Executive Officer Dwight John, expressed similar sentiments since he observed workers not performing at their professional best but hopes that at the end of the training, these employees enhance the quality of service that they provide to the public and that they assist customers in a more professional manner. “Every staff are public servants; we interact with the members of the public. This training will help you to have a better working relationship with the public, it will bring staff in line because of members of the public, they will be judging you so it will assist staff members to become better public servants since we had complaints from time to time about the interaction,” he said in his opening remarks.

The training dealt with first impressions, understanding attitude and self-esteem, the characteristics of service and services definition and identifying customer needs.