March 31, 2023



Woman traumatized after her lover was shot by police rank

Shot: Keanon Harry

A resident of Kwakwani, 36-year-old Vanessa Welcome, is now traumatized after witnessing her reputed husband, Keanon Harry, being shot by a police officer last Wednesday at her residence, following a scuffle amongst the trio.
Welcome’s daughter, nieces and nephews are amongst others left in a traumatized state after witnessing the ordeal.

According to Welcome, she and the now wounded Harry, who was at the time intoxicated, were involved in one of their frequent heated arguments the said afternoon, as a result of Harry’s insecurities, which turned physical.

The emotionally and mentally scarred Welcome related to INFO 10 that, “we had a disagreement. We got into a fight, I say fight, because it was not him alone hitting me and I’m not hitting him. This all started with an argument over his jealousy which later got heated. I told my daughter to tell my mother to call the police, but shortly after, I told her not to worry call the police, which I later find out, that she didn’t tell my mom,” Welcome recounted.

Welcome related that when the rank arrived on the scene, she and her lover were ironing out their issues in a civil manner and she informed the rank, that she was no longer interested in making a report against her abusive lover. However, the officer insisted that Welcome and Harry must visit the Kwakwani Police Station since calls were made to the station. The Guyana Police Force has a zero tolerance policy against domestic violence.
The woman then resented the officer’s plea, which was backed up by her lover who then took her by the hand and proceeded to take her in her home but was unsuccessful in his efforts as the officer them reached for Welcome’s hand, leaving her at the centre of the ‘tug of war’.

“Keanon hold my hand and was bringing me inside, the police on me and said loose the woman. Keanon then told him (the officer) loose her, this is my woman and the police wasn’t loosing and Keanon wasn’t loosing either. After a prolonged wrestle between us, Keanon then said to the officer, so what you gon do, shoot meh?
With that, the officer allegedly reached for his gun and shot him and then allegedly used profanities before lashing Harry in his head with the said gun. According to Welcome, the officer then left. She said Keanon then fell to the ground.

Harry was shot to his groin, which then exited his left side buttocks.

The woman believes a better approach should have been undertaken by the officer, since shooting him and using disparaging remarks were not only unprofessional but uncalled for.

The house where the incident occurred

When this media house contacted Anthea Harry, the sister of Keanon, she said her brother is still a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he is passing blood clots and is in immense pain.

Welcome said that although they have been going through a rocky relationship for some years now, she hopes this serves as an indication that he needs to change his life. She vows to stick by his side throughout his time of agony.

“I’m still numb to the entire situation; my hope is that this situation is an eye opener for him and that he finds his true purpose of his life.
No matter how bad a person is, they can change, once they are alive, but they can’t if you take their life. As long there is life, there is hope, ” Welcome concluded.

According to police reports, the police officer who shot 40-year-old Keanon Harry, remains under close arrest as the investigation continues.