July 19, 2024



Eviction letters sent to nine Gov’t employees residing in Linden

An eviction letter sent to a Government employee

Government employees occupying Government property for over 10 years in Linden, were sent eviction letters by the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council (RDC). The employees were given one month to vacate the property or they will face eviction. One of the employees served the notice of eviction was former Regional Member of Parliament and teacher Vanessa Kissoon.

In the letter seen by INFO 10, the occupants were told that as part of the Administration’s developmental work plan, the buildings will be renovated. “Please be reminded that according to the Public Service Rules, you are not entitled to accommodations and as such, the building is required for essential staff upon repairs.” The occupants were also reminded that according to the final clause of the tenancy agreement, which states that all tenancy will not exceed 10 years within the Government building/quarters.

Some of the occupants served the eviction letters, expressed concern that the move is politically motivated and the Regional Administration is taking orders from the Government to target persons associated with the Opposition.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dwight John, who signed the letters, refuted this claim and said that all persons occupying properties over 10 years were served. “Everyone has to move, once you are living over 10 years, irrespective of political affiliation or race because it has become an audit query, so whether you are PPP or PNC, the law is the law,” John said. He also revealed that letters of eviction were also sent to Members of Parliament Jermaine Figueira and Devin Sears to vacate the government’s properties they were occupying and they did so without hesitation. Directly commenting on allegations that Kissoon is being targeted because of her political affiliation, he said that is far from the truth and that Kissoon has been living on the property for 11 years; she lived on another property prior to this one.

Failure to move within the one-month period John said, will result in forced eviction.

Regional Chairman Deron Adams has requested from REO John, a list of all the housing assets under the RDC and the names of the occupants, in addition to the duration of their tenancy. He said he is yet to receive the information.