September 26, 2023



Kwakwani man now homeless after burning his house down

The ones-storey house that was gutted by fire

Kelvin Gordon, a 28-year-old resident of Kwakwani Plant Site is now homeless after he set his home on fire Sunday morning around 10:00 hrs.

According to the man’s neighbour, a 62-year-old machine operator, around 10:00 hours he was at home when he smelled smoke in the area. He immediately went to his verandah and saw smoke emanating from the victim’s home, who was at the time laying on the step in an intoxicated state yelling “Oh lord take my life” and “Dem nah Like meh”.
The neighbor said he then shouted at Gordon, “Paw (his alias) look yuh house on fire what you doing?”
He then reached over to assist in removing Gordon who was on his front step wrapped in his clothes.

The Kwakwani Fire Tender which has been stationary for the past 18 months, was unable to put out the blaze.
As a result, a bucket brigade was formed by neighbours who were unable to extinguish the fire, which quickly spread and consumed the entire building.

Police were later summoned and 28-year-old Gordon was contacted and interviewd and he appeared to be highly intoxicated and was unable to give vital information surrounding the fire.

Gordon, the lone occupant of the one storey wooden structure is a known alcoholic and would often times publicly speak of wanting to burn his house down.

The 28-year-old man was detained for questioning while the investigation is ongoing.