December 2, 2023



Three year later, family of murdered Kwakwani midwife, awaits justice

The late Paulette Thom-Wade

Family members are ramping up their calls on the Guyana Police Force to act swiftly in bringing the murderers of the late Paulette Thom-Wade, who was found dead in her home on October 25th, 2018, to justice.

On the night of the murder, Thom-Wade’s six-year-old daughter, who would usually sleep with their mother along with her three-year-old brother, awoke to an unlit home where she managed to make out her mother struggling with someone, while sounding out the name of a male, “Delon” who was attacking her.  The child who was very scared remained in bed until the following morning where she observed her mother lying motionless on the floor.

She then went to her friend’s home next door, who accompanied her to the Kwakwani Hospital, where staffers were told of the incident and quickly rushed to the home of Paulette, where she was found in her bedroom lying motionless.

Thom-Wade was described by her family and residents of Kwakwani, as a genuine and peaceful woman and someone who would always be in high spirits. Each year, around the time of her death anniversary, the close-knit community of Kwakwani, would be in low spirits, more so that the perpetrator has not been brought to justice.  “Over the past few years, every time October comes around, is a very sad month for the Thom family as well as the community at large, because losing a loved one like that was very bad for the family; she was so kind and genuine to everyone. Everyone is very hurt because of what transpired,” Raynard Thom, the brother of Paulette, told this media house.

She leaves to mourn her husband, six-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter. Raynard said his niece and nephew are going through life without both parents since their father is working away from home.  “Well, it is very stressful for them because they are living without a mother right now and almost without a father because the father mostly be at work doing his thing trying to provide for them, so is almost like they are living without parents,” the disheartened Raynard said.

The Thom’s and Wade’s family believe that the Guyana Police Force is not doing enough to find the killer  and would constantly push the family around in their quest for justice. “Over two years now the police have not made contact with the family; nothing of the sort; due to the elections and so, they say they are very busy, so they just left the case like that,” the despondent Thom said.

All information that could lead to an arrest, have been given to the Police, family members say.

Several persons have been arrested in connection to the alleged murder but were subsequently released.