October 6, 2022



LMTC, BOSAI commence clean up of Kara Kara dumpsite

  • Persons found dumping illegally to pay fine of $500,000
BOSAI’s equipment clearing the build up garbage at kara kara

The Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC) in collaboration with BOSAI Minerals Group Guyana, has commenced the clearing of the Kara Kara dumpsite access road, that has been a major concern for tourism bodies across Region 10. The multi-million dollar project aims to compress the solid waste and to clear the area, so that it will no longer be visible to tourists and other persons visiting Linden’s tourism site- the Kara Kara Blue Lake. The maintaining of the site will be done in the interim, that the council identifies another suitable site for relocation, to establish a modern land fill, in its effort to initiate an effective and environmentally friendly waste management strategy.

The council has noted however, that a mere one day after the clean-up exercise commenced, a build up of new waste was seen along the roadway. “We are pleading with the residents of this beautiful town. This is our town, no one will respect it, if we do not. If you have cleaned your yard or demolished your house, or wish to dispose of your appliances.. Please, please make contact with the council, so you can be guided to the most suitable location. We also call on residents to look out for us, if you see something, don’t engage, send pictures and the police along with the council will deal with the matter,” Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell, posited on her Facebook page. “If you see something snap a picture and send to 6142124. This will help us to maintain order and fine the defaulters. Persons found dumping illegally pays a fine of $500,000 dollars.”

In an invited comment, Deputy Mayor Wainwright Bethune, said efforts should be initiated by the administration of the council, to ensure there is proper monitoring of the area. “We as policy makers can say this is what we want but it is up to the administration to enforce it. I know there was someone at the gate who was moved but the council cannot look into administrative things,” Bethune said.

The situation surrounding the Kara Kara dumpsite became a recent media frenzy, when persons visiting the blue lake, observed the huge build up of garbage and took to social media to lambast the council for its ineffectiveness in providing a proper waste management service to the town. It was confirmed that in addition to the council, other garbage collection companies operating in Region 10 and private citizens have been dumping at the site.

Deputy Mayor Bethune explained that in addition to other factors, the council does not have the financial capacity to manage the site effectively.

 “It will take the council about $1 M per month to manage the dumpsite so that the garbage remains at the back and not get out of control. How can we as a council do that, when the monies for operational cost is exponentially higher than the revenue being raked it,” Bethune argued. “The council will always be in a financial bind because the revenue is way below what it takes to maintain the town. One person is paying about five percent of what it takes to sustain the town and provide all the services, street lights, roads, drainage, garbage. When we have people paying $200.00 a month on rates and $500.00 a month on market fees,” he said.

The Deputy Mayor, said an agreement was made between the LMTC, CEVON’s Waste Management and OLT Waste Management, which are two private garbage collection companies operating in Linden, to pay $100.000 per month to manage the site and this agreement has not been honoured by the other parties.  He also said that the council met a Memorandum of Understanding with BOSAI, to have the site cleared monthly, but the administration of the council has not yet signed the MoU despite the ongoing situation at the dumpsite. He said the current clean up is BOSAI’s decision to intervene, given the urgency of the situation, following representation made by the council.