June 30, 2022



LHC gets water system upgrades

The Linden Hospital Complex is currently undertaking major infrastructural updates to boost staff and patients’ comfort. Just recently, the water system was significantly improved when water trestles were constructed at both the Linden Hospital Complex and the Upper Demerara Hospitals, complemented by water tanks and new pressure pumps. This is to ensure that water is supplied throughout the hospitals even during service disruptions.

Additionally, the Boiler apparatus that was dormant since the commissioning of the Linden Hospital Complex is now fully functional; enabling staff and patients to access hot water in patient-care areas. Hot water is particularly useful in the sterilization process of equipment and sluicing linens in the laundry room. Patients can also have warm baths on the wards if they so desire.

The Boiler Improvement Project was approved in this year’s capital budget.

This is a part of a series of infrastructure and facility upgrades that have been ongoing at the Linden Hospital Complex