October 1, 2023



Conference room at Bamia Health Centre renamed after frontline worker

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony unveils the plaque with Physiother Quacy Paddy

First healthcare worker of Region 10 to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Quacy Paddy, was last Friday awarded for his bravery in paving the way for other frontline workers to be inoculated. To honour him, the Bamia Health Centre’s Conference Room, was renamed after him. He also received a certificate and plaque of appreciation from Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony.

In an invited comment, the celebrated Physiotherapist said, “it came as a complete surprise, it was not done for recognition but for myself, family and friend’s safety since as a physiotherapist, I deal with the public every day. On the day the vaccine was giving  out, I was just the first to take the jab but all of my other coworkers from the Rehabilitation Services Department took theirs that same day,” he related.  

The occasion was also used to honour all the frontline workers who put their lives at risk throughout the pandemic, to give selfless and dedicated service to citizens and their country. The award ceremony, organized by the Region 10 Department of Health, saw members of the various response teams, doctors, medics, case trackers and the mobile team of the region, being honoured.

The ceremony was the first of its kind throughout the country and frontline workers noted that it was a great initiative by their Regional Health Officer, Dr. Gregory Harris. Doctor Deliana Anderson, who also received an award said, “to be honest, I felt very special and appreciated, we don’t really work for the glory but showing appreciation motivates and inspires you to continue to keep up the good work and give your best service at any given time.”

In attendance at the ceremony was Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, who congratulated those frontline workers for their dedicated service but pleaded with them to further educate residents about the importance of being fully vaccinated since Region 10 has the lowest vaccination rate country wide.