March 31, 2023



LHC’s medical services can now be accessed during power outage

New Generator and control room

Following upgrades of the electrical system at the Linden Hospital Complex, patients can now access medical services, such as those offered in the X-Ray Department, during power outages. Prior to the upgrades, patients were forced to wait for long periods during blackouts, to access the services. According to a release from the hospital, a new generator and associated connections were installed to supply electrical power during service disruptions to the administrative block that also houses several clinical areas.

Additionally, the emergency generator that feeds the new facility during a power outage has been upgraded to ensure instantaneous back up power is supplied throughout the hospital. “This is done in an effort to boost patients’ comfort, to ensure that ongoing surgeries are not affected and overall, to ensure the services given to patients are not hindered during blackouts,” the statement said.

The upgrades also included a campus wide re-lamping program which saw the replacement of old energy consuming light bulbs with energy efficient LED light fixtures. “Perimeter lighting to both compounds have been drastically improved, allowing for safe staff and patient movement campus wide.”

The Kwakwani Hospital  and the Upper Demera Hospital also benefited from electrical upgrades.

This is a part of a series of infrastructure and facility upgrades that have been ongoing at the Linden Hospital Complex. A few weeks ago, the water system was significantly improved when water trestles were constructed and new water tanks and pressure pumps were purchased.