December 2, 2023



Former Minister Broomes continues to empower Victory Valley women

Former Minister Simona Broomes, on Sunday, spread holiday cheers in the Wismar, Linden community of Victory Valley. Several women benefited from gift vouchers, clothing and food supplies amongst other things. Broomes, who is no stranger to Victory Valley, said the “from my home to your home” initiative, falls under her NGO- The Broomes Foundation and aims at empowering the homes of women who toiled all year round to provide for their families. Victory Valley, which is a community close to her heart, had to benefit from the initiative, she posited. “While I was in office, Victory Valley was pointed out to me as the worst area in Linden and I embraced this community and the young people and watched the transformation that started to take place.

The women of Victory Valley, she said, are hardworking and deserve this support, during the ‘season of giving’. “There are a particular group of women who really works hard in the community, they build, they clean drains, they paint, anything these women do, so the gesture this year is intended to target hard working persons, persons who are out there toiling and need a support or a helping hand….it is not a sympathy, it’s a support thing” she said. Residents who received the gifts shared sentiments of appreciation and commended the former politician for continuing to ground with the people, though no longer in office.

Former Minister Simona Broomes poses with some residents of Victory Valley

Added to the Christmas cheer, Brooms donated to the Victory Valley community another trophy for the youths participating in football. These trophies are an encouragement to keep youths involved in sports because of the talent they possess. National footballer John Waldron aka Brown Boy, utilises his father’s land for youths to participate in the sport at the community level. The games would see teams from all across Linden participating and the winning team would walk away with a Brooms’ Foundation trophy and cash prizes.