December 2, 2023



Silvertown Allstar Sports Club keeping youths meaningfully occupied

Winston Caesar posing with children participating in the Silvertown Allstar Club

In an effort to keep youths positively engaged in the community of Silvertown, Wismar, Linden as well as those residing in surrounding communities, the Silvertown Allstar Sports Club has embarked on a mission to provide coaching sessions in a variety of sporting disciplines to them.

Founding member of the club and resident of Silvertown Patrick Caesar, said that currently there are about 80 youths registered, who are engaged at the community’s multi-purpose centre, for four days of the week. They are trained in both indoor and outdoor sports such as football, basketball, table tennis and chess. The movement he said, started over 30 years ago and with the rise in juvenile delinquency in the communities, there was a need to restart the programme, however, for its continuation, the club is seeking the public’s support. “Silvertown is infested with a lot of drugs and we are moving them away but we need help, right now we need help with repairing and furnishing the facility top and bottom, we need help with gears and persons with the skillset to come on board and provide training for the youths, Caesar told INFO 10.

The Club is looking to expand its programmes to incorporate curricular activities such as phonics, numeracy and literacy lessons. “We need all the help to keep the programme going, we are asking anyone to come on board to do something positive for the kids,” Caesar said. He expressed appreciation to the Kashif and Shanghai Organization that recently donated some sports gears to the club. Anyone interested in donating to the club can contact Caesar on 675 3719