March 31, 2023



Family members of Linden woman who was beaten by partner, questioned by police over vigilante attack

—-say woman was attacked after she asked partner to move out

On Tuesday, family members of the victim of the recent domestic attack in Linden, were questioned by the police relative to the vigilante attack that was launched on the suspect, Anthony Luke. Several family members were interrogated by Linden police and Commander of Region 10 Hugh Winter, said the investigation into the attack continues.

Meanwhile family members of 31-year-old Simone Edwards, who was beaten to her head, resulting in a fractured skull and a broken arm, amongst other injuries, claim that Simone, moments before the attack, had asked the suspect 28-year-old Anthony Luke, to move out. Edwards is now conscious and in relating the ordeal, told relatives that the attack sprung from the suspect accusing her of cheating and was asking her to see her phone when she got home from work. ”She had worked double the day and one of her workmates asked her to drop her children home which was in West Watooka, when she was coming out of West Watooka, he was there and asked her what she doing in there like if she went and see some man, so she explained that she went to drop of them children. When she got home he was demanding to see her phone and keep accusing her of cheating and they were arguing,” the family member related to INFO 10.

 Edwards reportedly related that she started arguing about him not doing anything for the day in the house, like feed the chicken and the dog which is a constant problem since she is the breadwinner and still has to come home from work and complete chores. “This guy he doesn’t work, she used to work domestic work and then she started this security work, she took out a loan for him to get his spectacles at courts, she bought his phone, she does basically sustain him, the house everything in it is she own. She is a real hustler, she even open a shop for him to run, he don’t want run it, everything she put him on to do he don’t want do it.”  The family member said after she was arguing about him being a “waste”, and asked him to move out, he picked up the wood and started to hit her. “The first lash went to her hand, and she put it up to bar and that is how it got broken then the second knock when to her head and she blacked out after that. Her aunt who witnessed the attack called out and asked him to stop but he continued hitting her in rage and according to Edwards, when she slightly regained consciousness, she heard him saying, if I can’t get you, no body can get you.”

 Up to Tuesday, he said Edwards, who is warded at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), was bleeding internally. The family member alleges that Luke’s relatives are asking Edwards to drop the matter. Relative to the vigilante attack, he did confirm that Luke was assaulted by some relatives of Simone but most of his injuries were received when he fell into a zinc fence when trying to escape.

Meanwhile Luke’s relatives are claiming that the attack was caused by provocation as he was experiencing physical and verbal abuse at the hands of Edwards. The common-law couple shares two kids together and has been in a relationship for six years.

Luke remains in GPHC under police guard.