December 11, 2023



Mackenzie Wharf vendors to get relief, with repairs imminent

……as LMTC embarks on several capital projects

The current state of the Mackenzie Wharf

By Abiola Archer

For years, vendors located on the Mackenzie Wharf, have been suffering from operating on a dilapidated and unsanitary facility. Soon their cries for help will be answered with significant repairs that will be conducted on the facility by the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works. Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell, told INFO 10, that the council explained the urgency of the repairs to the ministry and a positive response was given. To be targeted she said, are the roof and the floor of the facility. “That support we hope to give persons to repair their roof and flooring which will give them a better and more comfortable environment to work in”, Arrindell posited in a recent interview.

Vendors on the wharf related to INFO 10, that they are optimistic about the repairs to be done and hope that representation was also made for the construction of a sanitary facility which include washroom and hand washing sinks.  Operating without a washroom they said, is very inconveniencing and causes persons to urinate around the facility which is unsanitary. The vendors also expressed concern about what systems will be implemented to ensure continuity of their operation while the repairs will be done.

In addition to the wharf repairs, LMTC has also constructed a washroom facility at the Christianburg Cemetery. The Public Works Superintendent, Ian Ali, on Friday, told INFO 10, that the structure of the washroom facility has been completed and soon the amenities will be installed.

The newly constructed washroom facility at the Christianburg Cemetery

Included in the capital projects is also the purchasing of two new vehicles to boost capacity, in an effort to better serve the township. To be purchased is a bobcat machine and a bus. “As you know, one of our major problems in Linden is the ability for us to serve Linden effectively, to be able to meet people to understand and see what is happening in the town, hopefully with those new transportation, we are going to have those services available”, said Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell.