October 6, 2022



Linden man who assaulted school child in viral video, compensates family

A screen grab of the incident that occurred

An incident between a student of a Linden school and a male resident of the town that went viral on social media on Monday, has been settled according to the family members of the student and the perpetrator. The incident which occurred on Friday, January 28th, at Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden, was captured on video and showed the perpetrator assaulting the child, who was accused of attacking his daughter who also attends the same school.

According to an eye witness, three girls were waiting on the perpetrator’s daughter at a shop with bottles to allegedly attack her. When she was passing the shop, the girls started pelting bottles at her and she took refuge in a nearby yard. The owners of the home made contact with her parents and explained that she was allegedly being attacked by a group of girls. The owner also related that the girls were pelting down the house with the bottles.

The perpetrator hurried to the scene where he tried to pacify the  situation, and to rescue his daughter from the yard. The eye witness alleged that the girl who was eventually assaulted continued to hurl expletives and threatened to attack the man’s  daughter further once she was out of the yard. Once the girl left the yard, she was attacked again and it was at this point the father intervened by slapping her.

The act saw widespread condemnation from persons on social media and even regional officials. When INFO 10 contacted the police, we were informed that the matter has been settled. Regional Education Officials also related that the matter was already dealt with by all necessary parties include Welfare and Probation Officers. According to a police source, the family of the girl, opted to settle the matter out of court with a payment of $150,000.00. With INFO 10 contacted the perpetrator, he said he was sorry for his actions and acted out of his natural instinct to protect his daughter who was under attack. He said it was only when the girl attacked his daughter in his presence with the bottle, he retaliated. “I apologised to the aunt, I aplogised to the girl, I am really sorry for what happened,” he said.