October 1, 2023



Rural areas should have equal opportunities- RC urged at Kwakwani Flag Raising Ceremony

Regional Chairman Deron Adams and councillors witnessing the hoisting of the Golden Arrow Head in Kwakwani

Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, in his address to the residents of Kwakwani at the Kwakwani Flag Raising Ceremony, urged residents and by extension, the Government of Guyana, to remain true to this year’s team for Mashramani, “Resolute in building our one Guyana”, as we celebrate our 52nd Republic Anniversary. “I also encourage us all to not be swayed from the course of securing true and equitable development for our people all across Guyana in the years to come. We indeed must benefit, and benefit equitably, from the patrimony that the government holds in trust for all Guyanese.  Through your elected representatives, and sometimes in spite of them, we must all continue to ensure that the rural areas are not forgotten in favour of the urban areas and that the river communities’ needs, while different to those of the coastland, are provided for nonetheless,” he told the audience who gathered at the Kwakwani Recreational Centre.
The Regional Chairman also reaffirmed the Regional Democratic Council’s stance in creating a ‘one Region 10.’ “Your Regional Democratic Council has made it imperative to ensure that Sub-Region Two and moreso, Kwakwani is involved in every aspect of development that we seek for Region 10”, Adams posited.

Adams went on to add that decision making on the people’s behalf should not be taken lightly but rather, be held in the highest esteem. “We sometimes do not pay adequate attention to these considerations as the challenges of life grapple and hold our attention most of our days, however, when we look towards the legacy we want to leave for our children, we are often forced to face the realisation of some important realities, namely, one: patriotism matters, or else we run the risk of not being able to leave the inheritance of a nation to them, two : a true and equitable governance matters, or else we run the risk of being treated like second class citizens in our own country and three : a strong sense of nationhood matters, or else we run the risk of again being colonised, this time not by military might but by class influence or economically.

Adams said as Guyanese we must demand our fair share of resources and respect; we must ensure that the concept of republic status remains relevant.

The Regional Chairman in his closing remarks, extended gratitude to the teachers, whom he described as “heroes” who have and continue to play a pivotal role in keeping the culture alive in the school’s curriculum. He also extended heartfelt appreciation to the sub-region’s health sector, for harnessing the pandemic and keeping everyone healthy to some extent throughout the pandemic and the members Guyana Police Force for performing their duties during such a challenging time. He also saluted the residents for having the resilience to endure these difficult times.

Also speaking at this ceremony, was community activist, Jocelyn Morian, who, during his remarks, sought to reflect on how the community was built and his hope to see the community regaining the grounds it was built on. “Kwakwani became a community because persons came here to work in the bauxite industry and we will be happy if the bauxite industry resumes operation, if not Kwakwani, in the Sub-District,”Mr. Morian said.
Mr. Morian said the news of investors meeting with the Government this week in an effort to resume operation at Aroaima has been circulating and it’s a news we all should be excited about. He hopes that full support be given since this will create employment for residents.

Mr.Morian reflected on the pioneering spirit of the “founding fathers and mothers “ of the community, who would have displayed true patriotism by working cooperatively to build a one Guyana, two years after becoming a republic country, by pooling both their financial and manual resources to build the Kwakwani Secondary School.

“As we celebrate our 52nd anniversary, may we strive to cooperatively build a one Kwakwani, one Region 10 and one Guyana, where we can all be proud to call our home, our region and our country,” he urged in his concluding remarks.

Other regional officials who attended the ceremony were Councillors Mark Goring, Coretta Braithwaite, Hugh Stephens, Eleze Benjamin-Hall, Rosamond Samuels and Elroy Adolph. The audience also enjoyed a variety of cultural items before witnessing the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead.