March 31, 2023



Linden farmers benefit from Shade House training

On Wednesday, the Partners of the America Farmer to Farmer Organization in collaboration with the Linden Quality Production Group, hosted a one-day training to educate local farmers on a wide variety of shade house agriculture techniques including conventional and modern systems. The farmers were educated on the technology side of installing drip irrigation systems, how to take care of the shade house structure, how to install the plastic correctly and how to manage the soil and water in an effort to attain quality produce.

Jermine Joseph, Senior Technical Officer attached to the Partners of the America Programme, told INFO 10,  that it is a non-governmental organization, operating in Guyana for over 20 years that focuses on horticultural production, marketing and livestock production in addition to providing technical support in the form of training for farmers, agro-processors, youths and women. The focus is on areas of needs for the people. These needs are met by  acquiring the services of  specialists from the United States of America who volunteer their efforts to building the capacity of local producers.

Stephen Newman, Protected Agricultural Specialist attached to the Caldorado State University, focused on teaching how to build protective agriculture shade houses and said, “the training was facilitated so that farmers can be successful and grow good produce, not only for their own families but to sell on the market to provide their family’s income.” Rusty Lee, an employee of the University of Missouri, Extension Services, Agronomy Specialist , assisted with teaching drip irrigation systems and he said, “proper water management is going to be one of the bigger impact that farmers can make to increase the probability of success.”

Participants had a chance to ask facilitators a wide range of question construction, irrigation, harvestry and facilitators expressed their excitement and gratitude with working with the young people and hope that they have the opportunity to come again some time in the future.