December 1, 2023



‘Handmade with Love’ accessories providing the perfect finish to outfits

Melissa D’ Oliveira modeling one of her statement earrings

‘Handmade with Love’,  is a linden- based accessories business that was launched one year ago. It entails the fine art of making earrings from different colors of course thread and other materials.  The goal is to provide the perfect finish to an outfit, whether it is casual, formal or office wear. Emphasis is also placed on the clients’ skin tone and face shape. It is as if they are being custom made for each client.  These earrings make you more noticeable and expressive. Owner of ‘Handmade with love’, 25-year-old Melissa D’ Oliveira, emphasised on how earrings can make a woman look sexy or extravagant and this is her motive.

D’Oliveira was born in the beautiful village of Malali, Upper-Demerara River (Region 10). At the age of three, D’Oliveria and her family moved to central Linden in search of better education; she attended the  Mackenzie High School.

After completing high school, D’Oliveira enjoyed travelling and hanging out with family and friends, testing the waters of life and building her self-esteem and confidence until her business idea was birthed. “Even as a child, I always loved to wear things that are unique and stand out and as I grew up, I thought what can I add to bring out the best in my outfits and the idea came to me to develop my beautiful statement earrings,” she relayed to INFO 10.

D’ Oliveira describes herself as a dreamer. She said, “I live by the verse from the Bible that says, For nothing shall be impossible with God. In the next five years with the help of God, I see myself being the owner of my personal showroom also my earrings being sold in malls and boutiques around the country, I even hope to see my product on the runway both locally and internationally.”

Some of ‘Handmade with love’ statement earrings

Her friends describe her as hardworking, very dedicated and always humble, so they believe without a doubt that all she endeavors will come through. Her encouragement to other young entrepreneurs, is to dream big, there is nothing you can’t do, stick to it, don’t give up easily, with dedication and determination you will achieve all you set out to do.”

She said, “like everyone I have many challenges, a major one being stereotyped or judged just from one glance by many has affected my confidence and even mental health. Thankfully I have a very large support system who knows my heart and who I truly am, so I’m constantly pushing out of the box of naysayers and moving into my confidence.”  She believes persons should buy her earrings because they are unique and makes you look beautiful. She posited that, “it brings out the best in any outfit, whether you want to dress up or dress down. It makes you feel confident.

For those beautiful custom earrings, you can contact D’ Oliveira on WhatsApp:+1(934)200-6948/ Phone:+592 693 6247/ Facebook: handmadewithlove / Instagram: handmadewithlove2317.