July 13, 2024



LCDS consultation taken to Region 10

Stakeholders at the LCDS consultation in Linden, Region 10

Representatives from the various communities within the Linden township, as well as outlying communities in Region 10 including Ituni, Kwakwani, Rockstone, Great Falls, Malali and Muritaro, were on Tuesday consulted on the new Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030, at the Watooka Guest House, Linden.

The exercise was led by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P, who noted that the new and expanded LCDS which was launched by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali last year, outlines a pathway for prosperity for all Guyanese, while simultaneously protecting the country’s forest.

The draft LCDS for consultation, focuses on four main objectives: to create new incentives for a low-carbon economy, protect against climate change and biodiversity, stimulate future growth through clean energy and low-carbon development, and align with global climate and biodiversity goals.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P, during the LCDS consultation

Minister Edghill explained that the new document builds on the objectives of the old strategy which was launched in 2009, and underwent extensive national consultations. The 2009 LCDS was overseen by a multi-stakeholder steering committee and included national investments with calls for international action on climate change.

The minister noted that from the LCDS in 2009, Government was able to broker a deal with the Kingdom of Norway that would see Guyana earning up to US $25o million.

This has created low-carbon jobs, enabled Amerindian villages to receive legal title for communal lands, rehabilitated the Cunha Canal to protect against flooding, and started to equip Amerindian and hinterland communities with renewable energy, digital infrastructure, and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Minister Edghill pointed out that unlike the Green State Development Strategy articulated by the APNU+AFC Coalition between 2015 to 2020, LCDS 2030 will ensure growth and development in every sector, and that economic opportunities are provided to all citizens.

LCDS 203o highlights whether you are in mining or in forestry, you can do so in a sustainable manner and still have sufficient forest cover to trade on the international market, and to earn way beyond what we were getting at Norway,” Minister Edghill told the participants.

He added that the strategy promotes sustainable community development and encourages community leaders to start developing community ventures, for instance, in agriculture, tourism and logging, so they can benefit from support through the LCDS.

“We are not hinging Guyana’s future on oil and gas, but we are taking a multi- sectoral approach. Financing from oil and gas and monies that will be earned from LCDS 2030 will be used to advance job creation and employment…and the sectors that are known to create jobs and wealth are tourism, agriculture and ICT,” Minister Edghill said.

As part of the government’s LCDS 2030 agenda, consultations are being facilitated across the country with a range of stakeholders. The aim of the consultation is to receive and incorporate broad-based feedback on the measures contained in the strategy.

Based on the outcomes of these consultations, the LCDS 2030 will be updated and tabled in the National Assembly.

Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, Regional Executive Officer (REO), Dwight John and Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arindell were also present at the consultation. (DPI)