December 2, 2023



Water level in Kwakwani rises following overnight rainfall

Regional Councillor Elroy Adolph inspecting the flooding situation in Kwakwani

Overnight showers have worsen the flooding situation in the Upper-Berbice community of Kwakwani and now a main access road is virtually impassable while water levels are increasingly rising. This is according to residents and Regional Councillor Elroy Adolph, who explained that while some communities that are usually prone to flooding were under about three feet of water, this situation escalated on Thursday, following heavy rainfall.

He said the road leading from the Kwakwani Park to the Kwakwani Waterfront area is flooded. Some places he said, the water level is as high as 10 inches, while in some other communities such as Lamp Island, it is about six inches of water. “After about five hours of rain last night and because of that, the water overflowed from one side to the other, from the swamp to the other side, and the road is in the middle, now the road is under water.

The road leading from the Kwakwani Park to the Crushing Plant currently is eroded as a result of the gushing water. The road he said, was upgraded earlier in the year and accesses the gas station, the air strip and the burial ground. “The culvert has been eroded under the entire road, so it needs urgent repair, since water continues to pass through and the entire road could cave in,” the regional representative said.

While no resident has not yet evacuated, they are prepared to do so, once the situation worsens. Kwakwani is one of the flood-prone communities in Region 10. Last year it experienced the worst flooding in the country. To date, Kwakwani and Rockstone are the two communities in Region 10, that have reported flooding