December 1, 2023



Consultations with IDB being held for construction of primary school at Wisroc

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, Regional Engineer Gavin Todd and Senior Education Officer Shivon Greene- Brewster inspecting a map of the community of Wisroc during the site visit

The Regional Democratic Council- Region 10, is holding consultations with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), for the construction of a primary school at Wisroc, Wismar Linden. Recently Regional Chairman Deron Adams, along with RDC councillors, senior officers from the Department of Education and engineers from the RDC’s Public Works Department, went on a site visit with consultants from IDB to ascertain the necessity of the school at this juncture. Currently a nursery school is being constructed in the community. Students residing in this rapidly expanding community are placed at the One Mile Primary School, the Wismar Hill Primary School and the St Aiden’s Primary School, all of which are currently overcrowded. The new school is expected to house more that 800 students. Some 3.3 acres of land has already been identified for the project.

“The growing population in that community necessitated the consultation, our students need to be educated in a spacious, child friendly facility and with the over crowding at the other schools, we see it fit to construct a school in this particular catchment area,” RC Adams said in an invited comment.

While 3.3 acres of land has already been identified for the project, concerns over squatting, waste management, ease of access and the environment were brought forward and initial discussions on these ensued. “These issues will be further discussed at the RDC with community representatives and other stakeholders, as a collaborative approach is taken to address them all,” Adams added

A primary school at Bamia is currently being constructed to facilitate students in that community and the developing communities of Amelia’s Ward.